From Bach to rock, Palestrina to Puerling, Sondheim to … well, you get the picture. Soprano or alto. Sight reader, parts stacker. Whaddaya got?

Former sole female member and writer/arranger with Grammy-nominated vocal “band without instruments” The Bobs. Toured everywhere from Los Angeles to Lincoln Center to Lichtenstein (1998-2011). 

Her insanely diverse vocal credits include her solo album NOT GONNA BE PRETTY, the Danny Elfman score for Real Steel, Michael Giacchino's Jurassic World and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Little Rascals Save the Day, Jim Henson's Animal Jam (Discovery/TLC), Harry Shearer & Judith Owen’s Holiday Show at (tour/Disney Concert Hall 2005-2016), Barbra Streisand's Timeless concerts, Neil Young's Living With War, The Doctor Demento Show, Jill Sobule’s Letting Go of God (produced by Don Was), Comedy Central's Roast of Roseanne, Paul Provenza's Satiristas, countless appearances at Comedy Central’s Sit-N-Spin series in Hollywood and "smartpop” band The Peepshow Trio (five musicians).

Amy is a graduate of Syracuse University and Berklee College of Music, and an honorary member of the Vienna Boys Choir.  Couldn't make that up. 

Here's a stellar review of her New York show with Bob Malone of the John Fogerty Band, nominated for three BroadwayWorld Cabaret Awards.