House concerts are an absolute blast (and all the cool kids are doin' them).

People who are passionate about music (like you) invite like-minded friends for an evening or afternoon concert in their home. Light appetizers are served, or desserts or it's potluck. Then there is a 60-75 minute(ish), informal concert. 

The hosts get to enjoy live music in their own home and up their cool quotient with their friends (not that you need that). The audience experiences a private professional concert at their friends' place, plus a nosh and a hang. No clubs, no loudness, no standing, no parking issues, no food or drink minimums. Very chill and informal. The artist makes new fans, meets cool people, does a fun gig. It's a win-win-win. 

THE PHYSICAL STUFF (what you need):
- a large enough space/seating
- a piano that is in tune and not facing a wall (unless it is movable), OR an electronic keyboard with 88 weighted keys AND THE PEDAL (I can't travel with a keyboard)
- a small PA (negotiable depending on the room)

THE INVITATION: I'll provide examples of invitation emails other hosts have sent and links to share with people. We can also do a FB event if you'd like.

PRICE: The "suggested donation" is $20. (The hosts do not pay.) You just put a hat out with a sign and it's on the honor system. I've never turned anyone away. I leave a pile of CDs out; people just put another $10 into the hat if they wish to buy one. 

ATTENDANCE: About 10% of a typical house concert audience is generated by my mailing list; it is the host that... hosts. My minimum attendance requirement varies based on factors like travel and other local engagements. 

Here are some pix from the wonderful 30+ house concerts I've done over the past few years.

Jersey City, NJ & Cedar Falls, IA 2019

Albany, NY 2019
San Diego, CA & Seattle, WA 2019

Oakland, CA 2018
Grass Valley, CA 2018
Broomfield, CO 2018
Jersey City, NJ 2017
Needham, MA 2017

Nevada City, CA 2016

New York City, NY 2015  (with Sean Altman)

Bloomington, MN 2016

Seal Beach, CA 2016

McMinnville, OR 2016

Gresham, OR 2015
Ashland, MA 2015

Northridge, CA 2015
Altadena, CA 2015
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